Coloring laser sintering powder

Coloring laser sintering powder

In the area of laser sintering there are no polymer powders in different colors available. The useable range of colors is limited to white and black material.

GS-Pro owns the technology to color the laser sintering powder before processing, like at the injection molding technology. This makes it possible to manufacture components that are colored through the entire part volume. This developed technology is available for different colors and materials.

Figure 1: Production of full-colored parts

Currently, laser sintered components get their color by infiltrating the surface using a dye bath. With this method it is theoretically possible to color laser sintered parts in almost any RAL color.

However, there are applications where it is necessary that the additive manufactured components have a fully colored volume. For example when components are machined, are subject to wear or the surface is chemically smoothed.

In the following picture you will find mechanically processed colored components. On the right-hand side you can see that full-colored parts retain a homogeneous colored appearance after processing.

Figure 2: Difference at machining components between powder and part coloring

For Example, in the field of food production the direct coloring of laser sintering powder for finally blue parts is very interesting and necessary for this usecase. Coloring laser sintering powder has many advantages for colored serial parts with a large production batch or for customers who want to color all manufactured parts into their company or brand color.