LS-Bauteile in Sonderwerkstoffen

Special materials for laser sintering

Polyamid12RC powder is used for production of laser sintered components. „RC“ in PA12RC refers to the fact that this material already passed one process iteration and got recycled. Yet, this does not imply any material disadvantage – on the contrary: The PA12RC material has improved mechanical properties compared to standard PA12. Therefore the PA12RC is particularly suitable for manufacturing applications in a lot of different sectors of industry. Moreover, RC offers the potential for a closed material cycle and thus cost savings of over 30 %.

NiPaAl (SLS) ) is an aluminum-filled polyamide 12 powder for the production of laser-sintered components.
It is characterized by good machinability in contrast to unfilled PA12. Thus it`s easy to drill, grind and mill produced parts made of NiPaAl.
Despite the increased rigidity of the material components, functional geometries like snap hooks can be implemented.

PA12RC-GB20 is used to manufacture white laser-sintered components. The material has an increased elastic modulus due to the glass balls used as filler compared to unfilled PA12-RC. The material can be used for various applications for LS components where an increased rigidity is required. The RC stands for a PA12 material that has already passed an LS process and got recycled.